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Join the Worcester Fitness Flyers and take
your swimming to a new level!

The Flyers Swim Team Programs will introduce accomplished swimmers, brand new to participating in a swim team setting, to all aspects of competitive swimming. Team training is also the perfect opportunity for swimmers with competitive experience to perfect their technique and increase their performance!

As an extension of the comprehensive Swim Academy program at Worcester Fitness, this is an opportunity to take your child’s swimming to the next level. It will include quality professional technique-based instruction on the biomechanics of all 4 competitive strokes, starts, turns, competition strategies, efficiency in the water, and age-appropriate training practices.

Our vision is to teach the best stroke techniques for age group swimmers and develop swimmers in an athlete-centered environment where success is measured by personal improvement and strength of character.

Team goals include providing every member an opportunity to improve swimming skills and achieve success at his or her level of ability, from novice swimmers to advanced swimmers looking to improve their performance.


Additional Features

Dry Land Training

In addition to weekly swim practices, the Flyers and Senior Flyers levels program will include a dry land training component.

This is a unique opportunity for swimmers to complement the program’s swim technique training and to develop our swimmers to their fullest potential.

Proper expert guided dry land programs have been proven to enhance performance and help avoid injury.

Swimmers will meet weekly with our certified fitness trainer to execute the program created specifically for the Flyers Swim Team members. They will work each week on proper dynamic warm-up, age-appropriate strength training exercises, stretching, flexibility, agility, and core stabilization.


Utilization of an Olympic size Training Facility

Worcester Fitness has partnered with the YWCA of Worcester to include in our program the utilization of an Olympic-size competitive pool. This will provide our swimmers with the opportunity to train for competitive events, be introduced to diving, and learn competitive starts.

The team will meet at the YWCA twice per month on Thursday evenings throughout the season.

Competition Opportunity

All the members of the Flyers Swim Team Program will have the opportunity to participate in several local swim meets throughout the 2021 -2022 season. The schedule is being developed and will be made available as the season progresses.

There will be a registration fee per swimmer for each meet attended to cover meet logistics, coaching and awards depending on the meet format and location.

Age Requirements

Ages 8-18
Under 8 requires evaluation by head coach prior to enrollment



2021 – 2022
Swim Team Season

Junior Flyers
$202 per month
$336 per month
Senior Flyers
$430 per month

Program payment is processed monthly on the first of the month. The first month’s payment is due at enrollment.

Once your registration has been processed we required a 30 day notice before leaving the program. 

Program Level Guidelines


Junior Flyers

For swimmers who have limited experience and knowledge of competitive swimming skills or who are working to improve already obtained skills should start at this level.

Participants MUST be able to swim two consecutive lengths of freestyle with rotary breathing and backstroke with an out of water arm recovery.

Four competitive strokes will be introduced as well as turn progressions. Focus is on improving swimming technique, endurance, and competitive skills.

This level is designed to prepare swimmers for the Flyers level.


Designed for swimmers who have been introduced to all four competitive strokes and are able to demonstrate knowledge of starts and turns.

Swimmers at this level should be able to swim 4 lengths of freestyle and two lengths of two other choice strokes. Training will include the use of basic equipment and will introduce drills designed to improve stroke technique and efficiency, endurance, and speed. Competitive skills, pacing strategies, and distance swimming will be introduced.

Senior Flyers

This program is designed for the High School swimmer with advanced skills who are looking for a challenge and is willing to make a commitment to competition. Participants must have developed proficiency in all four competitive strokes, be able to demonstrate correct turns for each stroke, and swim a 100 yard IM (one length of each competitive stroke consecutively) The four competitive strokes are butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle.

Participants also must be able to swim continuously for 200 yards and demonstrate an understanding of training techniques, knowledge of swimming terminology, and have experience with basic training equipment. Swimmers should also be able to follow a workout plan and training set.

Swimmers will continue to work on speed, endurance, and stroke technique.  Advanced training equipment will be introduced along with more intricate and challenging training sets. Pacing, competitive strategies, and the use of a pace clock during sets will be emphasized. Advanced stroke technique drills will also be introduced to improve efficiency.

Practice Schedules

Worcester Fitness
Practice Times/Dates

Junior Flyers

Wednesdays 6:10-6:55
Fridays 6:00-6:45


Land Training 6:15-6:45
Pool Training 7:00-8:00

Pool Training 6:50-7:50

Senior Flyers

Land Training 7:00-7:50
Pool Training 8:05-9:20
Pool Training 7:55-9:10

Practice Times/Dates


Junior Flyers 7:00 – 7:30
Flyers 7:30 – 8:15
Senior Flyers 8:15 – 9:00

September – 9/16, 9/30
October- 10/14,10/28
November- 11/4, 11/18
December- 12/2,12/16
January- 1/6, 1/20
February- 2/10, 2/17
March- 3/3, 3/17
April- 4/14, 4/28
May- 5/12, 5/26

The season runs September 15, 2021 through May 26, 2022


There is no practice on the following dates:

November 24, 25, 26

December 24, 29, 30, 31

February 23, 24, 25

April 20 & April 22



Meet the Coaching Team


Kathy Spodick

Kathy Spodick

Head Coach

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Katie Horrigan

Katie Horrigan

Assistant Head Coach

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Sam Kowaleski

Sam Kowaleski

Land Trainer

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Laurel Mitchell

Laurel Mitchell

Assistant Coach

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Bethanie Johnson

Bethanie Johnson

Assistant Coach

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Helen Waldschmitdt

Helen Waldschmitdt

Assistant Coach

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