What is Adaptive Swim?


Our Adapted Swim Program is designed to provide your child who may learn differently with the least restrictive environment while in a group setting to enhance their swimming techniques. The lessons include songs, free play, and instruction with a variety of assistive devices. These will help introduce them to the water without fear, improve upon skills they already know, and provide a fun outlet for energy.

All children should have the access to quality swimming lessons and we aim to provide that service for them in the most comfortable and appropriate way for their individual needs, meeting them at their ability levels and creating opportunities to grow.

The Adapted Swim Program also provides private swim lessons for anyone who may not feel comfortable in a group setting or who might need:
  • One on one instruction
  • More time to process and practice
  • Less noise
  • Have best practices/learning tools/behavior plans that are used at home or school that would benefit them in the water
Private lessons are great for giving adequate time for the swimmer to become familiar with the instructor and the water. The personalized instruction and attention allows them to build a relationship that will only assist them in comfortability, confidence, and skill.

About Our Swim Lessons

Worcester Fitness Swim Academy offers a comprehensive and results-oriented swim lesson program. Our wide range of classes cater to your child's individual needs and goals. Our dedicated team of instructors teach vital water safety skills, while simultaneously enhancing comfort level, strength, stroke development, and pool endurance. We also provide Adult Swim Lessons for those interested. With conveniently scheduled classes available during daytime, evenings, and weekends, we ensure a flexible and accessible learning experience.


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