Ages 3 to 5 years

Levels A, B, C


The following classes are for preschool-aged children who are mature enough to enter the water independently and follow directions. There are two options when enrolling in our Swim Academy!

We offer a monthly affordable membership that runs Sept-May and a session by session option that runs year-round.

Visit our Memberships page for our membership details and how to register. If registering for a single session simply click on the registration link below. 

Preschool A

Who should enroll: Preschool A is for a child who has never taken a swim class before and/or does not like to put his or her face in the water.
Skills and goals: Learn beginner swimming and water safety skills including:

  • Blowing bubbles
  • Submerging mouth, nose and eyes
  • Floating on back
  • Gliding on front, with assistance
  • Kicking legs on front and back, with assistance
  • Jump in water, with assistance

Preschool B

Who should enroll: Preschool B is for a child who feels comfortable in the water and can put their face underwater.
Skills and goals: Continue building beginner swimming/ water safety skills with increasing independence including:

  • Floating on back
  • Gliding on front and roll to back, with assistance if needed
  • Swim with combined arm and leg movement on front and back, with assistance if needed
  • Jump in water with assistance or independently
  • Retrieving object from under water with eyes open


Preschool C

Who should enroll: Preschool C is for a child who has successfully completed Preschool B or has received prior approval by the swim director.
Skills and goals: Students will build on and strengthen skills from levels A & B by increasing the amount of time and distance that the skills are practiced working towards full independence. Skills include (all independently) :

• Floating on front and back
• Gliding on front and roll to back
• Gliding on back and roll front
• Swim with combined arm and leg movement on front and back
• Bobbing
• Treading water
• Jumping in


About Our Swim Lessons

Worcester Fitness Swim Academy is a comprehensive, results-oriented swim lesson program with a wide range of classes designed to meet your child’s individual needs and goals. With classes conveniently scheduled during the daytime, evenings, and weekends, our dedicated team teaches important water safety skills, while working with you or your child to increase comfort level, strength, and eventually stroke development and endurance in the pool. We offer Adult Swim Lessons too!