Class Placement

What class/level should my child be in?

The Swim Academy at Worcester Fitness is organized into three groupings with classes arranged according to your child’s age, level of independence, and swimming ability. Please take the time to read and review each class description with the appropriate age group:

How will I know when my child is ready to advance to the next level?

Your child’s swim instructor will continuously update JackRabbit Skills CheckList
throughout the year and you will be able to see the progress on your parent portal.
Once all of the skills for a specific level have been successfully completed, they will
be able to move onto the next level. We will contact you to assist in transferring
class. If there is not a current spot they will continue to be challenged in their
current level until space becomes available.

It is important to note that it is common for students to remain at the same
level for several months on an entire season while they work on developing
their skills.

Are there any additional fees associated with the Swim Academy Membership prices?

There are is an annual registration fee of 

$25 1st student
$20 2nd Student
$45 family maximum

Private Swim Lessons

Does Worcester Fitness offer Private Swim Lessons?

Yes, please fill out the form listed on our Private Lesson section to join our waitlist.

How many sessions are included in private swim lessons?

Our private lessons run like our group lessons. They are billed monthly and are typically 4 lessons per month. We require 4 weeks for all programs and a 30 day notice to cancel.

I have two or more children who I am interested in having sign up for private lessons. Is it possible for them to be in the same lesson together?

Yes, this is possible; however, there are a variety of factors that should be considered when signing up multiple children for combined private lessons. Our skilled instructors can help guide you to make the best choice for your family that will allow for the greatest benefit from your lessons. Please contact us to discuss.

Swim Academy Policies

What is your cancellation and make up policy?

We do not offer refunds once a payment has been made. There are no make ups guaranteed if your child misses a class. We require a 30 day notice to cancel for all programs.

Do you cancel lessons during inclement weather?

Worcester Fitness will contact you if lessons are canceled due to weather. We do not follow the public-school cancellations.

When are make-up classes held if class is cancelled?

If classes are canceled due to weather or due to an unforeseen incident causing the instructor or swim director to cancel there will either be a credit to the account or there will be a prorate for the next month.

If an instructor cannot make a scheduled class either due to a planned or unplanned event we will first try to have a substitute instructor cover the class. The substitute instructor is always a current member of our WSI team. If we are unable to find coverage, there will either be a credit to the account or there will be a prorate for the next month.

What is your locker room policy?

Children over the age of 36 months are not allowed in the opposite sex
locker room. We offer 4 changing stalls on our pool deck as well as a family
changing area located in the women’s locker room for women and children
ages 12 and under. This area does not pass the blue curtain.

What temperature is your pool?

We keep our pool at 86 degrees. The temperature is comfortable for all ages over 4 months, but for those most sensitive we recommend a long sleeve swim top.

What should we pack for our swim lesson?

All participants need an appropriate swimsuit that allows them to learn and move comfortably. Any child not fully toilet trained must wear a swim diaper. Standard diapers are not allowed in the pool. Preschool and Youth Academy swimmers are encouraged to bring goggles. You can purchase youth and adult size goggles upstairs at our Member Services. A towel is recommended for after lessons.

Can my child come to lessons when sick?

Children with fevers, diarrhea, vomiting, communicable disease, and contagious illnesses are not allowed in our pool. Please allow 24 hours free of symptoms before returning to our pool.

Does your pool have chlorine?

We have a saline filtration system that creates our chlorine from salt. This offers our swimmers a much safer experience in our water as well as our environment. We also have an ultraviolet filtration system to keep our pool functioning properly and clean for our swimmers.

About Our Swim Lessons

Worcester Fitness Swim Academy offers a comprehensive and results-oriented swim lesson program. Our wide range of classes cater to your child's individual needs and goals. Our dedicated team of instructors teach vital water safety skills, while simultaneously enhancing comfort level, strength, stroke development, and pool endurance. We also provide Adult Swim Lessons for those interested. With conveniently scheduled classes available during daytime, evenings, and weekends, we ensure a flexible and accessible learning experience.


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